Grant Writing

At Hands4Grants we view grant writing not very different from writing a business model for selling a product or service to investors. Only for grants you try to sell your research to a funding body. For that reason we like to work with the Grant Writing Canvas based on the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

The problem - solution fit
The problem, as sketched with the bowl of spaghetti, needs to fit the value proposition or your solution to the problem. Too often the solution is clear but what is the problem your solution is going to solve? Remember, the funding body often would like to have problems solved, so if the problem is not recognized your solution will not be funded. In a similar way, we will help you to complete all elements of the Grant Writing Canvas.

If the following questions sound familiar, we can help:

  1. How do I find the right network to collaborate on my new idea(s)?

  2. How do I get all the partner contributions ready in time?

  3. How to write the impact part of the project proposal?

  4. What do they mean with agile vs. waterfall approach of project management?

  5. What is risk management?

We also offer help for experienced parties, who have invested a lot of time and effort in getting grants awarded, but realise that a lot of that time can better be outsourced. There are many grant opportunities and we will help you find the call that fits your idea best.

Strategic grant development

We pro-actively search together with you for new funding opportunities.


Grant proposals we guided to submission under the following European work programs:

  • Interreg

  • Horizon2020 - INFRAIA

  • Horizon2020 - MSCA-ITN

  • Horizon2020 - FET-OPEN

  • Horizon2020 - ICT

  • Horizon2020 - ERC Starter

  • Horizon2020 - ERC Consolidator

  • Horizon2020 - ERC Advanced

  • Horizon2020 - Twinning

  • Horizon2020 - SC1-BHC

Grant proposals we guided to submission under the following National work programs:


  • NWA-Gravitation

Grant proposals for start-ups and MKB under the following National programs:

  • MIT Haalbaarheidsprojecten

  • MIT R&D-samenwerking