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Michel Carpentier

Michel Carpentier started working at Hands4Grants in June 2017 as intern and is now employed from the start of 2018. Michel has his Bachelor degree in laws and is next to his employment busy finalising his Master degree.


While working at Hands4Grants Michel has been studying national and EU regulations. Providing the team with solid background information on all the rules we need to adhere to while managing the different projects. This has been transformed in the first training packages on both NWO and EU regulations.  


Also all the contract negotiations for our clients and those related to the projects are handled by Michel. Next to that he is able to guide the process of generating deeds for new companies or foundations sprouting from the successful projects.



Michel has a passion for philosophy and knows an awful lot about history and war strategies. No wonder he is an excellent storyteller and fond of playing games like Dungeons & Dragons



Bachelor of Laws (LLB)