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DDMoRe Foundation

Drug development decision makers rely on robust rationale to select drug candidates, targets, trial designs, dose regimens, patient populations and suitable endpoints.


A lack of knowledge integration to support informed decision making has detrimental effects on patients, discovery and development program choices, and will incur significant financial inefficiencies. Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development (MID3) provides a quantitative basis for informed risk assessments. MID3 including quantitative systems pharmacology approaches is essential to perform knowledge integration.


DDMoRe foundation aims to deliver and improve infrastructure to contribute to the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of Model-Informed Drug Discovery & Development (MID3) and Therapeutic Use. The DDMoRe Consortium (ended August 2016) has delivered a range of exchange standards, systems and tools into the public domain that enable the sharing of models and expertise within and between companies, regulatory authorities, academic institutions and the burgeoning “quantitative community” at large. Adoption and utilization of this DDMoRe infrastructure can reduce the complexity, cost, time and inefficiency of drug discovery and development through effective re-use (feedback and feed forward) of “qualified” models and greatly increases the transparency and reproducibility of modelling outputs and their associated inference.


The DDMoRe Foundation will provide a variety of Foundation Partner specific benefits and be a catalyst for further developments and enhancements in this quantitative arena that service the needs of a broader Global Foundation Partnership as a whole. The foundation is open towards any interested party; including organizations which were, or were not, part of the IMI DDMoRe consortium during its lifetime.