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Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science


At LIACS we have a strong focus on ‘Smart Computing for Science & Industry‘. This focus manifests itself by longstanding collaborations with industry, governments, NGO's and other universities.

These collaborations are critical success factors in getting our scientific results into the market place. At the same time collaborations provide us with new insights for continued research in computer science, and are highly valued by us for that same reason. Our collaboration partners include, but are not limited to: BMW, Shell, Achmea, Honda, Tata Steel, Ministry of Water Management, Volker Infra, ProRail, KPMG, KPN, NZA, Naturalis, LUMC, etc.


NEW HORIZON2020 Training network ECOLE

ECOLE: Experience-based COmputation: Learning to optimisE

Researchers of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) will develop a training programme the next generation of early stage researchers (ESRs). During a four years project they will be trained to approach industrial challenges in a holistic manner by developing solutions in an automotive industrial setting.


The Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)

The centre of excellence for multidisciplinary research on drug discovery and development.

Despite major advances in medicine- research, many common diseases such as cancers, neurological or cardiovascular diseases, or auto-immune diseases, still lack effective treatment, or are still often found incurable.

That is why our work to develop new and more effective drugs is essential. At the LACDR we work at the leading edge of drug-design and fundamental research of new drugs, optimization of existing drugs, and personalised medicine.


Leiden Observatory

Leiden Observatory is the astronomical institute of the Faculty of Science of Leiden University. Established in 1633, it is the oldest university observatory in operation today, with a very rich tradition. Leiden Observatory carries out world class research in the formation of structures in the universe and the origin and evolution of galaxies, the detection and characterization of exoplanets, and the formation of stars and planetary systems. The institute consists of about 35 faculty and adjunct faculty, 50 postdoctoral researchers, 50 MSc and 80 PhD students, and 30 support staff. We offer an excellent educational programme at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels and a renowned PhD programme. Within the Faculty of Science, the institute closely collaborates with the Leiden Institute of Physics, the Mathematical Institute and the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.