How can we help you turn your great idea into a successful project?

Research Management

Would you like to stay focused on science and the projects core activities?

Consortium Building

Searching support for building a consortium around your idea?


Are you having questions while completing your grant submission?


Good ideas need great storylines and vibrant pictures. We can help!


We offer support for people with innovative project ideas in Computer Science and Life Science

No one-fits-all solutions! We are a creative team that will go the extra mile to turn your idea into a successful project with sustainable impact.

Along this journey from idea to impact, you will cruise several stages, from fine-tuning your idea, to raising funding, project start-up, research management, and project completion, each of them having their own specifics and challenges. We can help you navigate, manage and help building the team of people needed to get the most out of your idea. We serve personal, tailor-made and affordable solutions for the various stages of multi-stakeholder projects in Computer and Life Sciences. 

Often the first step is to turn your innovative idea into an executable plan or project proposal. Then it might need some financial support. Grants are an attractive source to fund innovative high-risk ideas. Does the next step in your plan involve research & development? In that case, you might consider to apply for a grant.  Writing a grant proposal is a very intense, interactive and highly iterative process. 

If you have a good plan and sufficient funding, we can support you in managing your research, such as in project start-up, grant agreement preparation, project monitoring, reporting, and developing a strategic sustainability and impact plan. What can you expect from our approach? 

The Lean-startup Approach: problem first

Imagine the problem that you would like to address as a large bowl of spaghetti. Pulling one string will affect the others.  Most ideas and projects involve multiple disciplines and require multiple perspectives to tackle the challenges.

Next to the administrative and technical management activities, we highly regard the power of productive multidisciplinary collaboration and the importance of a well-functioning consortium.  

We facilitate brainstorm sessions as neutral moderator.  We often use Manual Thinking as method to stimulate creative and iterative collaboration, bringing structure to the ideas and finding synergies within disciplines.  

The neutral position of the moderator is very effective in creating an atmosphere of openness to discuss even the wildest ideas, to think strategically and to make new, less conventional, connections.  The moderator will support the process of team building which starts from the very beginning and  ideally results in a consortium that is more than the sum of every individual contributor. 

While discussing all possibilities and great ideas, with the eventual project plan we will strive for impact. So we keep an eye on the broader context of current trends and advancements, the political agendas and potential business of commercial added value.