Hands4Grants B.V. offers consulting services in the field of EU & national research project management and grant applications, based on our experience from 2009 until to today.

How can we help you?

We are happy to advice on project management, project communication, reporting to European and national authorities, congress and meeting organization, project consortium building, as well as grant strategy and support with the submission of individual and (inter)national partnership proposals. 

Research Management

Do you consider to ask for support on research management? We serve personal, tailor-made and affordable solutions for management of multi-stakeholder projects in Computer and Life Sciences.

A project should be about true collaboration where the sum of the parts is greater than the individual contributions. Our motivation is to help coordinators and project leaders to build a collaboration that will last. We are really interested in getting the output of a project sustainable, delivering long-term successful products. Get the best out of grant money to deliver real benefits for society.


We can help you create your project plans and execute your project according to those plans in compliance with the rules of your grant provider. ​

Project Team

The biggest success factor of your collaborative project is the performance of the team. Hands4Grants is there to facilitate team performance.

Consortium Building

Are you in need of assistance in assembling a consortium to support your idea? Let us help you create a powerful consortium, saving you time and effort.

Consortium building

Tackling research and innovation challenges, nowadays, requires competitive consortia built upon collaboration between multiple partners. Consortium building is a intensive process that involves leadership and strategic decisions. Where to start?

Strategic Grant Development

Your ideas and those of your collaborators could profit from alignment to upcoming (European) calls, to give you the opportunity to prepare a proposal well in advance.


Are you having questions while completing your grant submission? We're here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Grant Writing

At Hands4Grants we view grant writing not very different from writing a business model for selling a product or service to investors. Only for grants you try to sell your research to a funding body.

The problem - solution fit

We ensure your problem aligns with your solution's value proposition, crucial for securing funding, and offer comprehensive assistance in completing the Grant Writing Canvas, aiding both newcomers and experienced grant seekers.

Strategic grant development

We actively collaborate with you to explore and identify new funding opportunities, leveraging our collective expertise to maximize your chances of securing resources for your projects.


We've successfully guided grant proposals for European programs like Interreg and various Horizon2020 initiatives, as well as for National programs including NWA-ORC, NWA-Gravitation, MIT Haalbaarheidsprojecten, and MIT R&D-samenwerking.


Whether it's crafting compelling storylines or creating vibrant visuals, we're here to assist you! Let us elevate your ideas with our creative flair.

Realizing your ideas

Storytelling is vital for idea realization, enhancing appeal, commitment, and persuasion for successful project funding and dissemination. We understand the importance of storytelling in grant applications, using narrative techniques to make your ideas stand out and resonate with your audience.

Visual Storytelling

Humans have developed two distinct modes of communication, yet many professionals in their occupations tend to rely on text and underutilise graphics.

"Making your project a success involves more than delivering the Description of Work"

Wendy Aartsen
CEO, Hands4Grants

Would you like to start a project with us?

If you have a great idea you’re eager to turn into a solid plan, seek more information about our services and methods, or wish to discuss anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us!